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Questions to ask your NY dentist about Invisalign or braces for your kid

Don’t you hate it when you think of all the good questions after you leave the doctor’s office? It doesn’t make the questions any less important, right? As your child approaches the teen years, you may wonder if they will need braces. In some instances, it becomes obvious they will need some straightening treatment. Invisalign aligners work like traditional braces, but with many advantages. It is very effective starting at age 12 or 13 and used for many throughout the adult years. There are many benefits that come with using Invisalign.

 If you are considering getting Invisalign braces for your teen, we want you to be prepared with the right questions to ask. Here are some important questions for you to ask your Upper Eastside Orthodontist.

How long will treatment last?

This is a huge question and a fair one. However, it’s difficult to put a specific time frame on how long your child may need to wear Invisalign. Once your child has been examined, it will be a bit easier to determine a reasonable timeframe. In general, though, it’s safe to assume your child will likely wear Invisalign for about 12 to 18 months.

How will Invisalign affect my child’s diet?

One of the biggest advantages to Invisalign is that you or your child will not need to make drastic changes to your diet. With traditional braces, there are significant dietary changes needed, but not with Invisalign. The reason for this difference is that Invisalign trays can be removed when your child is ready to eat. It is important to note that the clear braces can stain so it’s important to reduce the amount of dark-colored beverages consumed. Sticky foods can also become trapped between the trays and teeth, so they should be avoided. Other than these two items, there are no dietary restrictions necessary.

What types of cases are best treated with Invisalign?

In most cases, Invisalign can be used to treat orthodontic cases requiring braces to straighten the teeth. There are some orthodontic problems Invisalign will not be able to correct. These are rare and usually, very extreme and severe problems exist.

How will my child keep their teeth clean while they are wearing Invisalign?

Upper Eastside Kids Orthodontists will explain that keeping your child’s teeth clean while undergoing Invisalign treatment is of utmost importance. Keeping teeth clean is more important than making sure they wear the aligners for 22 hours a day. There is always a risk of gum disease and cavities. Keeping teeth clean is essential for preventing both. While your child is wearing Invisalign, they will need to be sure to keep up with good oral hygiene habits. They should continue to brush at least twice a day and floss once daily. Make sure to keep up with their professional teeth cleanings during this time as well.

Is there anything my child can do to make sure they get the best results?

First, you should ensure your child follows the orthodontist’s instructions. Secondly, remember that if the aligners are not on their teeth, then the teeth are not being moved. They should wear the aligners at least 22 hours every day and they should not miss a night sleeping with the aligners on.

Are wearing Invisalign aligners painful?

Many people experience some mild discomfort for the first few days of each new stage. Most describe it more as pressure rather than pain. This is a sign that the aligners are beginning to put some pressure on teeth to get them to move into a proper position. This discomfort usually only lasts a day or two.

Schedule Your Child’s Invisalign Appointment with a NY Orthodontist

If you have more questions, please give us a call. Our orthodontists are eager to answer your questions about Invisalign and how they may be used to correct your child’s teeth. The experienced dental professionals at Upper Eastside Kids Dentist are ready to help you provide your child with a smile they can be proud of for the rest of their lives.

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