Many adults make the mistake of thinking that if they didn't undergo orthodontic treatment as a child, then it's too late to fix their smiles. When it comes to correcting your bite and straightening your teeth, though, there is no deadline or expiration date. 

According to the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), there are more than 1.2 million adults who are currently undergoing treatment. In an interview with the Naperville Sun, a local Illinois publication, Dr. Jacqueline Zimmer said that she has seen a steady stream of adults entering her orthodontics practice. 

Dr. Zimmer told the source that about three-quarters of her adult patients are seeking treatment for cosmetic reasons. Many of these individuals came from families who could not afford braces when they were children. Others had braces as children, but didn't wear a retainer once they were removed and, as a result, their teeth returned to their original positions. 

Despite wanting to improve their smiles, some adults are worried about how they will look with braces. Dr. Zimmer says that they should not worry.

"There are now ceramic braces that are tooth colored," Dr. Zimmer told the source. "Most of the wires are still visible but, in combination with the ceramic bracket, offer a much more esthetic option. Also, Invisalign treatment straightens the teeth without brackets or wires. They utilize a series of clear plastic shells that are worn over the teeth to gradually align the teeth."

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