There is a saying that goes "a picture is worth a thousand words." And with the increased use of social media websites like Facebook and Twitter along with high-tech mobile devices that have built-in cameras, posting snapshots is becoming more common than ever.

However, American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) research revealed that almost 50 percent of men and women between the ages of 18 and 24 have untagged or taken down pictures of themselves because they aren't satisfied with their smile. And crooked pearly whites can affect more than your confidence.

In a recent survey, 78 percent of 1,000 adults in the United States revealed that they believed people with misaligned teeth were more likely to be unsuccessful. Furthermore, people said that they thought that their smiles could keep them from getting a better job.

''If you're sitting in a meeting with somebody, people will get a little bit self-conscious if they see that they've got some protrusions, or some gaps, or they've got some crowding going on,'' top director of AAO Chris Vranas said in a statement. ''What this [survey] tells me is adults in particular are much more conscious about their overall health and their overall look.''

No one's confidence should ever be compromised. In the event that you'd like to get the smile you've always dreamed about, you may want to think about setting up an appointment with an orthodontist like Dr. Tanya Vaysman of Upper Eastside Orthodontists. She can speak with you about what your options may be. Whether you are a good candidate for clear braces, invisible braces or Invisalign, you can rest assure that you'll be in good hands and end up with the smile you always wanted.

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