After years of wearing orthodontic appliances, most adults and kids with braces are overjoyed when the time comes for these devices to be removed. Smiles sometimes turn to frowns, however, when patients find out that they will now have to wear a retainer. 

We'll admit that retainers aren't the best thing in the world, but they are necessary. Once braces are removed, your teeth will still move around slightly. If a patient doesn't wear a retainer, it's possible that their teeth will eventually go back to their original position. 

In a piece for the Wyoming Tribune Eagle, columnist Jill Ottman discussed her experience of wearing a retainer as an adult. During dental check-up, Ottman's general dentist noticed that her teeth, which had braces decades before, seemed to be shifting into their old crooked pattern. 

Ottman then made a visit with an orthodontist who recommended that she wear a retainer. Although she originally balked at the idea of wearing another orthodontic appliance, she soon learned to appreciate it. 

"So, for those of you out there who got your braces off: protect your/your parents' investment and wear your retainer!" Ottman wrote. "If your retainer is now in a landfill or more than 10 years old, go get a new one! […] I'm just going to say that you're never too old to fix your bite and end up with a better smile."

Ottman is right. There's no need to let your age deter you from getting the healthy teeth and great smile that you've always wanted. Ready to make a change? Contact an orthodontist in New York City today! Dr. Tanya Vaysman and the staff at Upper Eastside Orthodontists are ready to work with you!

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