Getting into shape, eating right and spending more time with family and friends are common New Year's resolutions. While all of those things are certainly important, have you thought about how improving your smile will benefit you in 2014 and years to come? Orthodontic treatment does, of course, have its cosmetic perks, but braces also correct tooth alignment and spacing, making it easier to eat and keep up with your oral hygiene. 

If you're an adult considering braces, you may have been wary of treatment because of the traditional metal braces that many of your friends may have had as children. You really have nothing to fear, however, as there are many discrete alternatives including: 

  • Clear braces – Instead of using metal, these appliances are made of tooth-colored enamel or plastic, making them less noticeable. Lightly colored wires may also be used in conjunction with clear braces to decrease their noticeability even more. 
  • Invisalign – This system consists of a series of custom, removable trays that slowly move the teeth into the proper position. This form of treatment is generally more appropriate for milder cases. 
  • Lingual braces – This variety of orthodontic appliance works exactly like traditional braces, except that brackets and wires are placed on the back of teeth instead of the front. Also known as iBraces, lingual braces are becoming increasingly popular among adults who want to maintain a professional appearance while undergoing treatment. 

Adults interested in making 2014 the year of a great smile should reach out to a New York City orthodontist today!

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