Safety First for Pediatric Dental Sedation

Sedation is not something only for adults, and can be a way for your child to go through a procedure comfortably, safely, and painlessly. Children who require some kind of dental procedure must sometimes be sedated or anesthetized, so that there is no movement during the operation, or simply because they have excessive fear of drills or other equipment. The goal of any sedation used is to ensure that the procedure can be carried out safely, while minimizing any negative impact to the child. There are several options for your child depending on the circumstance that Dr. Shiva Basir, your Upper East Side kids’ dentist, can recommend.

Options for Pediatric Sedation or Anesthesia

The following types of sedation and anesthesia are available from your New York dentist, to help your child remain comfortable throughout a dental procedure:

  • General anesthesia – when this is administered to your child, he/she will sleep through the whole process, and feel no pain whatsoever.
  • Nitrous oxide – commonly referred to as ‘laughing gas’, this is a mild form of sedation which is less invasive than any other treatment.
  • Mild sedation – this kind of sedation is mostly used on older children, and leaves them awake and very calm, often being able to participate in the procedure if asked by the dentist.
  • Moderate sedation – children will be a bit sleepier with moderate sedation, but still generally able to respond to the dentist if necessary.
  • Deep sedation – generally issued via IV, this form of sedation will cause your child to sleep through the whole procedure. It will also be necessary to allow the child to fully recover from sedation before going home.

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