Dental X-rays are an important part of diagnosis and treatment at Upper East Side Kids Dentist.

Your child may need an X-ray to detect the following conditions:

  • Cysts
  • Extra teeth
  • Gum disease
  • Oral tumors
  • Tooth decay

We also use digital dental X-rays to track changes in a tooth, determine how well an earlier dental procedure is working for your child, and aid in planning for future orthodontic services.

Benefits of Using Digital Dental X-rays

Traditional X-rays are considered safe, but some parents feel uncomfortable with their child being exposed to any unnecessary radiation. One of the greatest benefits of digital X-rays is that it reduces radiation exposure by 90 percent or more. Additionally, it provides Dr. Shiva with instant high-quality images so she can begin planning a course of treatment immediately. Yet another benefit of digital dental X-rays is that they are more environmentally friendly. They do not require film and processing chemicals and so they produce no hazardous waste.

Scheduling of Digital Dental X-rays

We only perform X-rays when the situation warrants it, such as when your child’s dentist suspects a problem and needs to evaluate it further. Your child’s age, symptoms, and disease risk are main factors in deciding when to deliver an X-ray. We typically recommend X-rays for new patients to establish a baseline for future dental care.

What to Expect When Your Child Receives a Dental X-ray

The dental assistant working with your child will place a heavy lead apron over his or her head to get ensure protection from radiation. Next, our team member places a small image receptor in your child’s mouth. He or she will want to bite down on the sterile device so we receive the clearest image from the X-ray. The process is quick and painless for your child. Getting immediate results means we can discuss findings and any proposed treatment with you during the same appointment.