There seem to be a countless number of apps and smart devices that are designed to promote health and wellness. They report on how much we've eaten, exercised and even how long we slept overnight. It makes some sense then, that there would be a toothbrush that could determine how clean your teeth are. 

The Kolibree toothbrush was recently unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The brush counts the number of strokes and records the way that you brush your teeth, and sends that information to your smartphone. The device was invented by a former Google employee who had grown tired of asking his children whether or not they had brushed their teeth. 

So is the Kolibree for everyone? According to Seattle dentist Dr. Holly Hasegawa, the product could be used by dental professionals who want to keep their patients on track. 

"Making sure that all teeth are properly brushed is critical," Dr. Hasegawa said on the company's website. "Kolibree might very well be the next evolutionary step in dental prevention that clinicians, who have patients that need to improve oral hygiene, have been waiting for."

The toothbrush and the corresponding mobile app may also help families have fun while improving their oral hygiene. 

With or without a special toothbrush, individuals with orthodontic braces need to keep their teeth as clean as possible. Infections, cavities and other dental issues can extend the treatment period. Brushing and flossing twice a day is definitely a must. 

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