Children spending their summer at an overnight camp have to be just as vigilant about taking care of their braces as they would be at home. When kids are alone they bear the responsibility of maintaining their orthodontic appliances, but parents can help as well. If you both work together, you can prevent braces damage and extra visits to the orthodontist in the future. 


As your child prepares to leave home, make sure that he or she has extra toothbrushes, floss and wax. Other things to include are mouthguards if contact sports are played at the camp, and painkillers if the medical staff allow it. If your child will be away for the whole summer, send a care package half way through with more dental and orthodontic supplies.

Working with staff

Be sure to ask all staff members who have direct contact with your child to remind him or her to maintain good oral health. This is especially important if this will be your son or daughter's first time away from home with braces. Counselors can usually nudge your child in the right direction and will contact you if there are any problems. In addition, many camp nurses are knowledgeable about braces and may be able to deal with minor issues if you cannot get your child to a specialist. In the event of an emergency, provide the camp staff with the contact information for your child's orthodontist.


In your phone calls, letters and emails to your child, ask about how his or her braces feel and if they are being taken care of. Regular reminders from parents can keep kids from slacking and eating food that is off-limits. 

If you have any questions about how to deal with braces at summer camp, do not hesitate to contact your New York City orthodontist today!

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