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Will I Need Retainers?

Most of us want to keep our straight bright smile after we’ve had a successful dental treatment. As a result, many of us question if the results of dental treatment will be long-lasting. Many of us also wonder if there will be additional measures we will need to take to maintain our straight smiles such as wearing retainers. The short…

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Braces vs Aligners
Braces vs Aligners

People who come to Upper East Side Orthodontics for orthodontic treatment usually come prepared with several questions, not the least of which is whether they should opt for braces vs aligners. While there isn’t one “right” solution for those who need these types of dental appliances, there are advantages and disadvantages to each one that should be considered. Visibility The…

All About Teeth

HAVE YOU EVER BEEN CURIOUS about all the odd facts dental professionals have floating around in their heads all day? Well, it’s your lucky day!…