Taking Care of Those Pesky Wisdom Teeth

Most of us have heard of wisdom teeth, the teeth that get their namesake because they appear long after your permanent teeth have grown in. This is usually during your late teens and early twenties.These teeth are usually removed because they serve no real purpose. Many times, they fail to erupt, becoming liabilities for infections down the line. When they do erupt, they can crowd other teeth, making it hard to keep your mouth healthy and clean. Dr. Shiva Basir and her team at Upper East Side Kids are here to help you or your child get to safely removing wisdom teeth before they become problems.

Removing Wisdom Teeth

Your Upper East Side Kids Dentist advises that your child or teen go through the procedure while they are younger to avoid the deep roots that come with growing teeth. Deeply rooted teeth can make extractions more uncomfortable for the young patient. Extracting wisdom teeth usually includes some sort of numbing medicine or anesthesia for the pain, helping you or your child go through the procedure comfortably. The dental surgeon then uses tools to loosen the tooth or teeth and remove them. Afterward, the holes from the extraction are stitched and gauze is used to cover the extracted areas.  This promotes clotting and healing. After this procedure, patients usually experience some swelling and pain but it subsides after a few days. Dr. Basir discourages most patients from drinking through a straw because this can cause dry sockets, an extremely painful condition. Dry sockets expose the bone and nerves and can make the entire mouth tender. Patients who go through an unusually painful extraction are encouraged to eat soft foods or even just liquids to avoid additional discomfort as well. After the procedure, it’s a good idea to closely follow all post-op directions to avoid complications.

We at Upper East Side Kids Dentist value making sure you and your child are informed and empowered to take charge of their health. Your New York dentist wants to help you avoid problems with wisdom teeth and is here for you and any questions you or your child may have about the procedure, and we hope you come in for an evaluation when you and your child are ready to get started.

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