Teeth Injury in Children: Impacted Teeth

Impacted teeth are a somewhat common occurrence for children’s teeth and gums as their teeth grow in. If not corrected in time, they can escalate to dental health complications such as infections, or bite misalignment. Fortunately, the team at Upper East Side Kids Dentist can help correct them and keep your child smiling.

Teeth and gum injuries arise from complications in which the teeth don’t fully grow through the gums because they either get blocked by the tissue or, in rarer cases, fuse to the jaw. In some cases, the impacted tooth is then pushed from its position by other teeth, especially in the mouth of a growing child. A lack of space for new teeth to grow on the gum can also result in overcrowding since the teeth have no room to grow through.

Cases of misaligned teeth that erupt sideways or partially erupt are also commonplace, but all these problems can be corrected by scheduling an appointment for an evaluation. For the best oral health of your child, it is essential to seek the help of our New York dental team.


For treatment, one of our dentists will perform an exam of your child’s dentition and take x-rays to assess options available to remedy the problem. Occasionally, extraction may be necessary, and your child may receive age-appropriate, over-the-counter pain relievers depending on their specific dental issue.

Upper East Side Kids Dentist can help identify impacted teeth early for treatment before they begin to affect your child’s dental health negatively. Dr. Shiva Basir is knowledgeable in the treatment of such problems, and our team is here to help! For compassionate care on impacted teeth or any other issue for your child’s dental health, schedule an appointment with our office today.

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