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Abbie A.

“My visit to Upper East side was one of pleasantry. From the moment my daughter and I walked in we were treated with professionalism and courteousness, The staff were gently and warm and the atmosphere was inviting.”

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Maria Beatriz A.

“I have been taking my 14 year old son to Upper Eastside Orthodontists to have his treatment with Dr. Tanya Vaysman. Both my son and I have only had great experiences. I recommend Dr. Tanya Vaysman to all teenagers who are in need of braces. Thank you Upper Eastside Orthodontists.“

Sabrina R.

“We started going to Upper Eastside Orthodontists back in May and we have had a wonderful experience thus far. The wonderful staff is always courteous efficient and very accommodating when changes and issues with appointments arise… I highly recommend this business.”

Jason T.

“I just completed orthodontic treatment for my open bite after nearly 2 years of visits to Dr. Vaysman’s office. The location is excellent and is great for morning appointments if you work in Manhattan. To Dr. Vaysman and the team at Upper Eastside Orthodontists- thank you so much.”