If your orthodontist recommends that you wear braces, the idea of dealing with metal brackets and wires for two years can seem unappealing. Fortunately, there are several discrete alternatives to braces, such as Invisalign — a series of clear trays that gradually move the teeth into a new place. 

Here are a few of its benefits: 

  • Aesthetics – One of the best aspects of Invisalign is that it is quite invisible. You will not have to worry about how your teeth or mouth look others. This is a great option for adults in client-facing professions. 
  • Comfort – With Invisalign, it may feel like you don't have braces on at all. If you do feel some discomfort, you can just take the trays out until you see your orthodontist. 
  • Ease of brushing – Individuals with metal braces have to carefully brush and floss around the appliance and make sure that no food is stuck in them. With aligner trays, all you need to do is remove the appliances from your mouth and brush and floss as you normally would have. 
  • Fewer lifestyle interruptions – If you participate in sports, you won't have to worry about your braces scratching your mouth or getting damaged with Invisalign. You also will not have to visit the orthodontist as often as they will give you multiple trays during your appointments. 
  • Normal eating – While you should always be careful about eating too many sweets or acidic foods, Invisalign allows you to consume items that you wouldn't be able to with traditional braces. Treats like popcorn and hard candy are not off-limits. 

If you're interested in improving your smile, contact an orthodontist in New York today!

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