At some point, everyone is guilty of procrastination. We often put off making repairs or going to the store, and for the most part, this results in few consequences. You may want to reconsider this mindset when it comes to your oral health, however. Allowing what seems like small problems to get worse may result in significant health problems. 

Here are a few examples: 

Infected teeth

Many people think that numbing an infected tooth with pain medication is all you need to do to resolve the issue. In reality, the tooth may require a root canal or extraction. Not doing anything may result in you needing major oral surgery in the future. 

Misaligned teeth

There is a common misconception that the purpose of getting orthodontic braces is purely cosmetic. While fixing crooked teeth will of course improve your smile, such a procedure will also make teeth easier to clean. This will prevent plaque and bacteria build-up. 

Waiting too long to see an orthodontist after you've already been advised to seek treatment is not a good idea. The worse you allow your teeth to get, the longer it may take to resolve the issue. 

Wisdom teeth

Whether or not they are bothering you, if your general dentist recommends that you get your wisdom teeth removed, follow their instructions. Not removing them could result in nearby molars losing bone. 

So what can you do to maintain your oral health? First, continue to visit a general dentist twice a year. Next, if you haven't done so already, schedule an appointment with an orthodontist in New York. Contact Upper Eastside Orthodontists today to learn more.

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