The Many Benefits of Palatal Expanders

Did you know that now there is a way to shorten the time your pre-teen needs to wear braces? A palatal expander worn as a child is a treatment that creates more space in your youngster’s mouth.

According to the experts at Upper East Side Orthodontics, this method of early intervention helps with crossbite, crowded teeth and impacted teeth. Palatal expanders take advantage of how your child’s upper jaw develops gradually and doesn’t fuse until after puberty.

Palatal Expanders: Not Just for Shorter Time on Braces

Your experienced New York, NY orthodontist explains that the device slowly causes your youngster’s two palatial bones to move apart. The extra space formed lets the child’s adult teeth grow in easily, with correct alignment and spacing. This means they need fewer, if any, extractions in the future and eliminates the cause of impacted teeth.

The experienced team of Dr. Vaysman, Dr. Basir, Dr. Jahn’Shahi also point out additional long-term advantages. Your child’s smile will be wider. If she needs to wear braces, it will be for a shorter amount of time. The device can also improves certain breathing issues.

Want to learn more? Our Upper East Side team is experienced and ready to help you out! Schedule a consultation today for more information.

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