One of the main reservations that people have when thinking about whether to schedule a consultation with a New York City orthodontist is that getting braces is going to be painful. Although this is certainly a valid fear, it’s important to know that in this day and age, orthodontic treatment isn’t meant to cause major discomfort. In fact, if you are considering correcting your smile or bite, you’ll be glad to know that modern brackets are smaller and certainly much more comfortable to wear than designs used in previous years.

What is even more exciting is that, in many cases, patients will no longer be forced to wear multiple sets of rubber bands that wrap around each bracket. These days, modern orthodontic technology has made it so that most men, women and children only have to wear one rubber band that wraps around each side of the mouth. Many patients will also tell you that the wire that helps hold each bracket in place is more tolerable then ever before. However, keep in mind that occasionally you will experience some discomfort if you have braces, but this can usually be alleviated by taking an aspirin or applying ice to the side of the mouth where you are experiencing the pain.

Another option you have is asking your oral care professional to give you plenty of wax. This usually helps solve any problems in which the wire or bracket is poking or rubbing up against the inside of your cheek or lip. The wax serves as a barrier between soft oral tissue and your braces until your next visit to the orthodontist.

If aspirin, ice and wax don’t help alleviate any pain, make sure to see your orthodontist sooner rather than later. He or she may loosen your wires or provide you with more tips on how to ensure that you stay comfortable during your treatment.

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