Time for Braces! What You Should Know

If you have misaligned teeth and would like to get braces, consult your professional Upper East Side Orthodontists first. In the first appointment, Dr. Basir, Dr. Vaysman, or Dr. Jahn’Shahi will discuss your dental history and examine your teeth so as to determine the best treatment course to take. If you decide to get dental braces, our team will further discuss with you to inform you of the best braces to get and the treatment duration.

Fitting the Dental Braces

At Upper East Side Orthodontists, the procedure takes about 20 minutes. It involves applying dental cement on air-dried teeth so as to hold the bracket in place. Excess dental cement is then removed before strengthening the bond of the bracket to the teeth using high-intensity light.

Repositioning Dental Braces

Regular check-ups are arranged by your New York orthodontist to ensure that the teeth are realigned as the treatment continues. Adjustment of the wires is carried out for a proper lining.

Braces Removal

At the end of the treatment, when your teeth have been carefully adjusted, our team will remove your braces. It is a fast, simple and painless procedure to remove the wires and ties, followed by breaking the bond between the brackets and teeth. You may have a slight inflammation of the gums after the procedure, but with the right oral care it will reduce in a few days.


At Upper East Side Orthodontists, braces are our specialty, whether you’re young or old. Be sure to come in for a consultation to discuss your options.

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