If you think that your child needs braces, one of the first things you have to do is book an appointment with an orthodontist. However, knowing who to take your son or daughter to isn't always easily, especially if your kid has never undergone orthodontic treatment. Luckily, picking the right orthodontist doesn't have to be overwhelming, if you follow a few simple tips. 

The Los Angeles Times published an article that will help make this critical decision less overwhelming. The author recommends:

1) Asking your family's pediatric dentist

If you don't necessarily have the time (or patience) to make appointments at various offices, bounce some ideas off your pediatric dentist and see what he or she thinks.

2) Consulting websites like Yelp

You can use this local directory service to search for an orthodontist in your area. You'll find reviews from people on medical professionals as well as pertinent information such as the nearest transit station, hours of operation and the business' website.

3) Doing some research

Before you and your child step into the office, you should do a bit of investigating. If you are thinking about making appointments at various firms for a consultation, log onto each office's website and learn about them. What credentials do the orthodontists have? How long have they been working in the field? Are they affordable? Are there financing plans available? These are all questions you should be interested in finding answers for. 

4) Not hesitating

In the event that you are lucky to find an orthodontist that you and your kid click with, don't hesitate to make an appointment right away. So often, people are told that they need to get multiple opinions, which can delay the start of treatment. Go with your gut instinct because if you have a good feeling about a person, it's usually correct.

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