Tips for Teething

Primary tooth eruption or teething is the emergence of your child’s “baby” teeth. Many parents anxiously await the first sign of teeth, but some children may not get their first tooth until around their first birthday! It is completely normal and healthy to see teething commence anytime between three months to one year of age. If teething has not started by 18 months, check in with Dr. Basir and our team at Upper East Side Kids Dentist.

During teething, many children experience symptoms such as excessive salivation, irritated gums, and fussiness. You can help alleviate your child’s pain with a sucking cloth, teething accessories, or cold foods and liquids. Always ask your pediatrician before administering any pain relievers to infants, and avoid teething powder, aspirin, and alcohol. If symptoms intensify or your child develops a fever, cough or diarrhea, contact your pediatrician.

Start dental care early by carefully wiping your child’s gums after each meal. Gently brush any emerging teeth you spot with a baby toothbrush and water. You should not introduce toothpaste until your child is about 2 years old. Make sure to choose a paste that is safe if swallowed while your young child is still learning how to brush and floss properly. Bring your child in to meet our team by the time they turn one year old, and we’ll help you set them up for a lifetime of good dental hygiene and bright smiles!

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