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Tips For Solving Braces Emergencies

WHEN SOMETHING HURTS, or even just when something is bugging you, we want to help. During your orthodontic treatment, Dr. Vaysman and our entire team want to be sure you are as comfortable as possible.

Please feel free to contact us WHENEVER you need to. There are LOTS of ways to communicate with us—including here on our blog, on our website, through Twitter or Facebook, and the good ol’ fashioned way… by giving us a call!!

With that in mind, the video below contains some valuable information about the things you can do yourself if you’re only dealing with minor issues, or if you’re temporarily unable to come in and see us.

Possible Issues with Braces

Here are a few things that can become issues during your orthodontic treatment period:

  • a loose band
  • poking archwire
  • tooth soreness
  • a sore inside your mouth
  • an out-of-slot wire
  • lost elastic

So, watch this short video now, before you have any issues. You already know some of the basic, simple suggestions we’ve told you such as avoiding sticky/hard foods, and keeping yourself from “playing” with your braces. It’s good, basic information for every one of our patients.

Be sure to contact us if you have any questions—or if you aren’t sure if something is truly an emergency. We are always happy to visit with you and help.

Thanks again for the trust you place in our orthodontic practice.

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