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Your First Visit

The first visit to a dental practice can be unnerving. For some people, dental phobia can keep them from receiving the care they want and need, depriving them of optimal oral (and overall) health.

It is indeed possible to achieve a healthy, straight smile without discomfort or uncertainty. We take pride in educating our patients and taking as much time as necessary to answer any and all questions you may have about your oral health treatment options.

Drs. Vaysman, Basir, and Jahn ‘Shahi of Upper East Side Orthodontics are committed to creating a pleasant and reassuring experience from your very first visit to our office. We understand there can be concern when considering certain dental therapies. We consider as one of our most important jobs providing our patients with the reassurance and knowledge to satisfy even the most apprehensive patient.

What to Expect From Your Visit With Your NYC Orthodontist

Braces can do more than simply improve your smile! They can also address your bite problems. This is why a significant part of your initial visit involves us asking you questions. To provide you with the results you want, it is essential for us to understand your unique needs and preferences, and also to demonstrate how and why the smile you want is achievable. Dr. Tanya Vaysman will also perform certain diagnostic evaluations. In this way, she will have both the objective findings and subjective feedback to present a treatment plan that is perfect for you.

Special Circumstances

Family Orthodontics - NYC

Very young patients don’t always need immediate treatment. Instead, we may place a child in our recall system, which allows us to check on him or her periodically to monitor their progress. This complimentary service is offered as a courtesy to you to prevent future problems.

Diagnostic Records

Before we create your treatment plan, diagnostic records are required. These records allow us to gauge your condition, which, as noted above, is essential in determining optimal treatment options. These tests take about thirty minutes and can be performed at your first or a future visit. The diagnostic tests consist of:

  • Two radiographs (x rays)
  • Pictures of your teeth
  • Pictures of your face
  • An impression of your teeth

Dr. Vaysman, Dr. Basir, and Dr. Jahn ‘Shahi of Upper East Side Orthodontics are New York orthodontists who take great pride in, and satisfaction from, improving smiles. We understand the positive impact that the right treatment can have on your life. We further believe that patients play a significant role in the success of their treatment. Your commitment is a vital part of your successful treatment plan.

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