Using Sealants to Protect Children’s Teeth

Many children lack proper brushing technique, so Dr. Basir recommends the use of dental sealants as an important safeguard against cavities in areas that are particularly prone to them. Here are some things that our Upper East Side Kids Dentist team would like to pass on to you about dental sealants.

How Sealants Work

On molars and other teeth where cavities are typically more common, a sealant can be painted directly on to the tooth surface, where it will begin to harden immediately and bond with the tooth. Even tiny grooves or fissures can be sealed in this manner to discourage tooth decay, for as long as the sealant stays in place. Dr. Basir can ensure that your child’s sealants remain effective by re-applying them as needed during regular dental visits.

Why are Sealants Needed?

Brushing your teeth does not always remove all food particles and bacteria, especially since young children are still learning to be consistent with brushing. Sealants can also provide extra protections for hard to reach places among teeth that may not be as easily reached by a toothbrush.

Who can Benefit by Sealants?

The potential for tooth decay exists for everybody, although children may be the most obvious beneficiaries of dental sealants. Sealants are just one tool in Dr. Basir’s toolkit for helping our patients avoid the possibility of tooth decay. Schedule your child’s next appointment and cleaning with Upper East Side Kids Dentist, and we’ll talk through options for sealants and other preventative health measures!

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