As the importance of oral health, physical appearance and personal confidence remain vital aspects of every day life, new options for orthodontics continue to develop.

One of the newest oral health innovations is lingual braces, specifically iBraces , which are capable of straightening teeth without the use of visible brackets. These invisible braces are perfect for adults looking to enhance their smile, teenagers that are nervous about the “metal mouth” look or young adults looking to break into the competitive workforce.

iBraces are invisible to everyone except you. The brackets are placed inside of the teeth instead of on the outside. In addition, this treatment plan is the only 100 percent customizable orthodontics appliance system in the U.S. right now. Each bracket is made using top-quality technology, perfectly designed to fit every single tooth in your mouth.

Benefits of iBraces

  • Decreased chance of damage or stains after iBraces are removed. Since they are placed inside teeth, there will be no visible after effect when they are no longer needed.
  • Fewer orthodontist appointments due to the absence of wires and need for maintenance.
  • For those who suffer from nickel allergies, iBraces may be your perfect choice, as they are crafted with gold instead.
  • Increased, straight alignment of teeth for a smile worth giving time and time again.

Although patients may worry about a change in eating habits or speech due to iBraces, with a short period of adjustment, eating and speaking will resume as normal.

To learn more about iBraces in New York City, adult braces or other oral treatment options, schedule an appointment with our New York orthodontist Dr. Tanya Vaysman. Visit the Upper Eastside Orthodontists website for more information.

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