These days, everyone wants to look their best, and one of the most effective ways to keep up our appearances is to make sure that our teeth are straight. In fact, a recent survey conducted by the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) indicated that more than 33 percent of people in the United States are not happy with their smile. Researchers also reported that 14 percent of these individuals believed that their teeth are keeping them from getting a better job.

A good smile not only increases your self-esteem, but also helps you feel more open around other people. If you don't like the way your teeth look, then it's time to make a change. Begin by scheduling an appointment with award-winning New York orthodontist Dr. Tanya Vaysman and her firm, Upper Eastside Orthodontists.

iBraces will straighten your teeth without visible brackets

If you want the perfect smile without the visible brackets that are associated with traditional types of braces, then during your first appointment with Dr. Vaysman, inquire about what are known as invisible braces, or iBraces.

With these braces, no one even has to know that you are correcting your smile. iBraces are a specific type of orthodontic braces that are invisible to everyone around you. That's right. The brackets are actually put on the inside of your teeth, meaning this type of treatment is ideal for someone who doesn't want to feel self conscious about their oral care. 

Lingual braces are individualized and comfortable

Dr. Vaysman and her staff will tell you that iBraces are the only 100 percent customizable fixed appliance system in the United States today. Each bracket is made using top-quality technology and is designed to fit every single tooth in your mouth.

One of the biggest concerns that people have when orthodontics are put on their teeth is that the brackets may interfere with their speech. With lingual braces, however, you'll find that after an initial short adjustment period, you'll be be able to talk and eat normally.

There are also other benefits to invisible braces

You may think that the only advantage of having lingual braces is that no one can tell that you are improving the alignment of your teeth, but that couldn't be further from the truth. You will discover that with invisible braces you will be able to schedule fewer visits to the orthodontist because you won't need as many wire adjustments. Furthermore, each bracket is crafted using gold. Therefore, patients with nickel allergies don't have to be excluded from this treatment.

Finally, you can rest assured that the front of your teeth won't be damaged or become decalcified because iBraces are placed on the inside of your pearly whites. That means that after they are taken off, the only thing that people will notice is how great your smile looks.

If you want to know more about iBraces, call Upper Eastside Orthodontists today

You deserve to have a smile that is going to make you feel good about yourself. If you want more information about lingual braces, why wait another minute? Think about contacting Upper Eastside Orthodontists today by clicking here or by calling 1-888-378-2976. Dr. Vaysman and her staff are a Certified iBraces Provider and will work with your schedule to find a time that is convenient for you to come in and help you stay within your budget.

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