Straight teeth are essential for a healthy lifestyle. Although many believe straight teeth just add confidence, in reality, they are a real part of comprehensive health and wellness.

Oral healthcare experts believe that patients who suffer from crooked top and bottom teeth are subject to discomfort, especially when eating. This occurs due to the misalignment of the rows of teeth, biting into the tissue of the mouth and jaw instead of the food actually being consumed.

Having crooked teeth can also affect speech. The teeth are one of the most important components of proper speaking. Teeth that are misplaced or crowing into others can cause patients to speak with a lisp or suffer from other speech issues.

When patients have teeth that are aligned in the proper manner, brushing and cleaning the teeth and gums becomes easier, enabling them to remove food and other particles that can cause cavities or serious gum disease. When these food particles are left behind, plaque builds up more easily, which when left undetected, can lead to bad breath and cavities.

Gum disease, when left untreated, can cause serious adverse health effects. Patients that suffer from periodontal disease, such as gingivitis, often have crooked teeth or other oral issues that keep them from completely cleaning the teeth. Suffering from gum diseases can cause the gums to bleed and swell, making it even more difficult and painful to brush.

Straight teeth also enable better digestion, as crooked or crowded teeth may not be able to chew and crush food into small enough pieces for proper digestion. This can lead to serious health issues if not addressed.

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