Braces aren’t just for kids and teenagers anymore. There are many types of orthodontic treatment that are perfect for adults with a range of lifestyle needs.

By investing in braces, orthodontic issues that were both inherited or occurred over time can be corrected. Straightening the teeth has many benefits including a better bite, a boost in self-confidence and a better range of speaking capabilities than before. Undergoing orthodontic treatment now can also help prevent future dental issues.

Crowding of the teeth, crooked molars and an uneven bite can make it hard to clean the teeth, which prevents periodontal conditions like gingivitis. Prolonged or excess stress on the teeth and gums can wear down enamel and even the bones necessary to support the teeth.

Adult Braces

There are many types of treatment available for older patients. Although metal or traditional braces are very effective means of change, they may not be the first pick due to their unsightly appearance and their association with children. Instead, many adults choose to be fitted with other forms such as iBraces or Invisalign.

iBraces and Invisalign are more subtle. The former is hidden behind the teeth, and the latter can be removed when necessary.

There is also a new form of treatment available known as AcceleDent. This form of treatment has been proven to correct teeth up to 50 percent faster than other forms of braces. Using a simple, comfortable, lightweight device for 20 minutes per day, the teeth are gently moved using micro pulse vibration technology.

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