Some people are born with perfectly aligned teeth, while others have adult teeth that do not come in in ideal order, or a misalignment of the jaw bones which creates an over, under or cross bite. The good news is that there are plenty of treatment options that can help you create the ideal smile regardless of the state of your mouth at the start of your orthodontic process.

But what causes teeth to move into less-than-ideal locations?

Crooked teeth can be the result of a number of factors – both hereditary and environmental. These can create misalignment, bite problems and too much space between teeth. Crooked teeth could be caused by tongue thrusting and thumb sucking, which kids tend to do quite a bit.

Many industry professionals believe that the food are among the predominant reasons for environmentally-induced teeth issues. Historically, people had more structurally sound teeth because the foods they ate were higher in nutrient content and more hearty. Now, there are more processed foods available, which removes the nutrients that are imperative to creating strong, healthy teeth. They are also softer, which means teeth don't have to work as hard.

In order to make teeth stronger and more effective, try eating a more nutritious diet. If your teeth issues are hereditary in nature, then consult with a New York City orthodontist about the best orthodontic treatment options available, including braces. To learn more about our practice, and how we might be able to help, contact Upper Eastside Orthodontists today! 

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