One of the major fears that many kids have when they are told that they need braces is that they are going to be required to drastically change their lifestyle. They’ll have to steer clear of certain foods (say goodbye to popcorn at the movies) and treats (no gum, stick to mints) and of course, get used to have brackets on their teeth. If your child has been told he or she will need to undergo orthodontic treatment, the good thing is there are no extreme changes that need to take place when it comes to what he or she drinks. 

Your kid will be happy to know that he can enjoy:

1) Fruit smoothies

If he is craving some cold, fruity and creamy, it is perfectly acceptable for your child to enjoy a fruit smoothie. The only thing that he or she should do afterwards is gently brush away the seeds that have gotten trapped in between the brackets.

2) Milk 

This beverage is fortified with calcium and can strengthen teeth regardless of whether your kid has Invisalign, clear braces or traditional braces. Milk has even been said to help deodorize some bad smells that your mouth may develop after you eat onions, garlic and other potent foods.

3) Water

Water is the best thing that your kid can drink (even when he or she doesn’t have braces)! Not only does it not contain any sugar or potentially dangerous additives, but it may also help eliminate bad breath. According to online health source, WebMD, water can be useful in getting rid of harmful bacteria that could get stuck in your son or daughter’s brackets. 

If you have any more questions on what drinks your child can enjoy during his or her orthodontic treatment, don’t hesitate to contact your son or daughter’s New York City orthodontist. These trained and experienced professionals can give you all the information you need as well as answer any questions you may have. 

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