It’s never too late to achieve a perfect smile. As we talked about in a previous article, there are a few questions you should ask your orthodontist to determine whether you really need adult braces or if there are alternatives you can try instead.

Once you decide that braces are right for you, there are preliminary steps you need to take before you actually get them.

X-Rays and molds

Panoramic x-ray imaging of your mouth and a full set of images of your individual teeth is usually required. Photos of your face, teeth and mouth may also be necessary for proper documentation and decision making for your orthodontist.

They will be taking molds of your teeth, which feels like you are biting a wad of silly putty but it does not last very long (about 30 seconds each for the top and the bottom sets). Often times, you will be allowed to choose the flavor of the molding material.

Treatment plan

After reviewing your x-rays and molds, you and your orthodontist will develop a plan for your treatment.

Before beginning treatment, your orthodontist should go over the plan with you during a consultation visit, a time for you to ask all the important questions.

Prerequisite treatment

Additional treatment might be needed before you advance to getting braces right off the bat. For illustration, if the space between some of your teeth is tight, you may need spacers before the braces can go on.

If you require jaw surgery, which often needs to happen before braces are implemented. If you have certain teeth that need to be extracted, which may or may not be able to happen during treatment.

As always, it’s especially important to practice excellent oral hygiene to prepare your gums for braces.

More About Adult Braces

If you want to learn more about the benefits of braces for adults and available treatment options for your unique case, contact Dr. Vaysman and her team at Upper Eastside Orthodontists at 1-888-378-2976 or online today.

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