After you receive your orthodontic appliances, you will have to return to your orthodontist's office every four to six weeks for an adjustment. These follow-up visits are the time for your orthodontist to replace rubber bands and ligatures and make adjustments to your teeth so that they are progressing properly. It's important that you go to all of your scheduled adjustment appointments in order to prevent your teeth from reverting back to old positions and prolonging your treatment. 

What happens during an adjustment?

Your orthodontist will usually remove your rubber bands and ligatures and possibly the arch wire as well. He or she will then examine your teeth and determine what changes (if any) to your treatment should be made. After that, the wire will be put back on your brackets and new ligatures will be applied. This usually takes 20 to 30 minutes. 

Will it hurt?

It's common for there to be some discomfort after an adjustment. New ligatures and wires will place some increased pressure on your teeth and may cause some mild pain for a few days. If you are experiencing some pain due to the arch wire, tell your orthodontist immediately so that he or she can cut it. To deal with soreness, return to the soft foods that you ate when you first had your orthodontic braces applied and take an over-the-counter pain reliever. 

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