What is a Deep Bite?

A deep bite is more often referred to among non-medical personnel as an overbite. Some also refer to it as a closed bite. What is a deep bite and should you be worried?, Your New York, NY orthodontist can tell you that it is a condition where the upper front teeth are greatly overlapping the bottom front teeth. Since this situation is often caused by some other condition, it should be addressed at your Upper East Side Orthodontics facility.

What are the primary causes of a deep bite?

An overbite usually occurs because the lower jaw is small. This causes the upper teeth to jut out more. However, the lower teeth continue to grow until they reach the back of the upper teeth. In some instances, it is possible that a missing bottom tooth can contribute to an overbite. No matter what the cause, the condition requires attention from a dental specialist such as Dr. Vaysman, Dr. Basir, or Dr. Jahn ‘Shahi. If it is ignored, it can lead to significant dental problems.

What are the possible complications of an overbite?

Firstly, it can cause tooth alignment problems if the overbite isn’t corrected. Another possibility is that the patient may bite into the roof of their mouth. This can cause sores to develop. If the lower teeth become over-erupted, they will wear down much more quickly. When this occurs it can become accentuated because patients often grind their teeth or continuously clench them in response to the discomfort.

Can a deep bite be corrected by an orthodontist?

Orthodontists will often recommend the usage of clear aligners to help correct an overbite condition. In the most severe cases, oral surgery may be necessary to move specific teeth up into the supporting bone.

Do you have a deep bite?

If you feel you may have an overbite or any other malalignment of your teeth, schedule an appointment with the orthodontists at Upper Eastside Orthodontics in NY. We can examine you or your child and develop an effective treatment plan to realign teeth properly.

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