What occurs during an initial orthodontic consultation?

Making a major health change as an adult can be daunting at times, but is often best for overall wellness, especially during the later stages of life. One of these changes often relates to the state of the teeth and oral health.

If you have never been to an orthodontist or have recently suffered from pain in the mouth, there may be larger issues at hand. By scheduling an orthodontic appointment with Dr. Tanya Vaysman, the issue can be remedied in the best manner possible.

The Initial Visit

During your first visit at UESO, an initial exam will be conducted in order to complete a preliminary diagnosis. Some of the major aspects of your visit will include whether or not treatment is necessary, when this treatment should be administered or what kind may be best for your specific problems.

If a patient requires orthodontic treatment but doesn’t receive it, serious issues can develop in the mouth including a cross bite, crowding of the teeth and even gum diseases. If it is determined that you do require some form of orthodontic treatment, there are many forms available that best suit both health and lifestyle needs.

Types of Treatment

Some of the most common forms of treatment include metal braces, Invisalign, ceramic braces and iBraces. During this time, diagnostic records will also be taken. By doing so, we will have a better understanding of your condition and how it should be treated, as well as the ability to track progress over time. These records include two radiographs, photographs of the teeth and face, as well as an impression of the teeth. Gathering the information for these records takes about 30 minutes.

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