If you are thinking about being fitted with braces as an adult, you’re not alone. Although braces may seem like a treatment option for kids and teenagers only, it is becoming more widely used by adults as well. According to recent research, about one in five U.S. adults have corrected their misaligned teeth using braces.

Choices in Adult Braces

There are many different types of adult braces to choose from, including  metal, clear and iBraces.

Traditional metal braces are adhered to the teeth with an adhesive and connected by wires. The wires will have to be periodically adjusted for tightening, as this is what gradually straightens and moves the teeth.

Clear braces function the same as metal braces, but differ in the material that makes up the wiring. Ceramic braces are made of composite materials that come in varying levels of transparency, often mimicking the patients natural teeth color.

Upper Eastside Orthodontists is offering one of the latest oral health innovations, iBraces. These have become popular within the last few years due to their 100 percent customizable fit to the patient’s teeth. Instead of being fitted on the outside of the teeth, these braces are instead molded to the back of the teeth. This prevents them from being seen when a patient smiles or opens their mouth.

As they are customizable to both the size of the mouth and teeth, they are more comfortable to wear, and just as effective as metal or ceramic brackets.

Invisalign is also a great option for adults, with their customized aligners and a clear plastic appearance making them a discreet option for those who don’t necessarily want to advertise the orthodontic gear in their mouth.

To learn more about brace options for adults or to schedule an appointment with New York City orthodontist Dr. Tanya Vaysman, visit our website.


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