Orthodontic emergencies are always a pain and never seem to come at a convenient time. If you suddenly find yourself with loose or broken braces, you should get in contact with your orthodontist, who will determine whether or not immediate action should be taken. Below are some common emergencies and what you can do about them until your next orthodontic appointment. 

Broken or loose brackets

This is the most common orthodontic problem, and it is usually caused by eating hard foods. You can use wax to hold the loose appliance in place until you see an orthodontist. If your brackets or bands come off your teeth completely, do not attempt to put them back on. Bring everything with you to your next orthodontist's appointment. 

Poking wires

Broken and protruding wires can scratch your teeth, tongue and gums. You can stop the wire from poking you by first attempting to push it to another area in your mouth that does not cause as much irritation. If that does not work, put a small piece of orthodontic wax on the end of the wire. We do not recommend that you cut it, as the wire can be accidentally swallowed or inhaled. 

Broken retainer

If your retainer is broken or has changed shape, do not continue to wear it. You should, instead, have it replaced as quickly as possible because your teeth may begin to shift, which will require additional treatment to correct.

Your orthodontist may postpone repairs until your next scheduled appointment if your appliances are not causing any pain. If you are feeling severe discomfort or don't think that you will be able to follow your orthodontist's suggestions, call his or her office immediately to schedule an emergency visit. 

If you have any questions or concerns about broken braces, contact an orthodontist in New York City like Dr. Tanya Vaysman today.

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