If you're wearing braces, it has probably been at least year or two that you've had deal with not being able to eat some of the foods that you love. However, there's a light at the end of the tunnel — it's almost over and your braces are just about ready to come off.

How will I know when my braces are ready for removal?

Most orthodontists will be able to give you an estimated timeline that tells you how long you will probably have to wear adult braces. As the end becomes closer, they may even be able to set up a special appointment to take them off.

However, don't get your hopes up too much, as there are many instances where it seems the teeth will be ready at the next appointment, but don't make the final progress in those last few weeks that your orthodontist was looking for.

How are braces removed?

When your teeth are ready, the orthodontist will use a pair of pliers to gently clip the brackets of the braces to remove them from the teeth. Although this won't hurt, you may feel some pressure on the teeth and hear some popping noises. Rest assured, Dr. Tanya Vaysman and her team know what they're doing and will make sure that you're comfortable.

After the removal is complete, there will still be some adhesive lingering on your teeth, but it will be scraped off either by hand or by a polishing device. The entire process should take less than an hour.

What happens after my braces are removed?

Most people need to wear a retainer after having their adult braces removed to prevent their teeth from shifting back to their original positions. Once the braces are removed and the teeth are cleaned, the orthodontist will take a mold of your mouth to create a unique retainer for you.

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