If you have braces and want to get the most out of your treatment, practicing good oral hygiene is critical. In addition to brushing multiple times a day and flossing every night, it's important that you do not smoke. Although this habit is never good for you, there are certain issues that people with braces are more likely to encounter.  

If you are a smoker, you may want to think twice about picking up your next cigarette, or it could lead to:


Smokers tend to have yellow teeth as a result of the nicotine in tobacco products, and those with clear braces may be especially at risk for discoloration because of the clear or white ligatures. The tar and additives found in cigarettes adhere to your teeth and around your brackets. The more you smoke, the more buildup will accumulate. This can make cleaning and examining your teeth during bi-annual checkups more difficult. 


This habit can also give you halitosis, commonly known as bad breath. Orthodontic patients need to be quite careful about removing food particles that get stuck in their brackets. However, sometimes, leftover bits from your last meal may get left behind. If you also use tobacco, you make yourself prone to this often embarrassing condition.

Delayed healing

People who have just had their braces adjusted may experience mouth sores, especially if the wire is rubbing up against their cheek. These wounds can take much longer to heal when you use tobacco products.

For more details about the dangers of smoking while undergoing orthodontic treatment, don't hesitate to contact your New York City orthodontist. These professionals can give you more information on how this habit can delay the removal of your braces and other undesirable effects you should steer clear of. 

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