As we get older, we begin to recognize changes in our physical abilities and appearance that just weren't there when we were younger. Maybe you can't run as fast as you could in high school, or you have a few more grey​ hairs than you thought you would. Or maybe, like many adults, you are beginning to notice that your teeth are shifting slightly to a less-than-perfect alignment.

This is the case for a number of adults – even those who had braces when they were younger. Despite stereotypes of braces being a part of teenage life, the truth is, that almost 20 percent of braces wearers are adults. The good news is, that there are new products that allow you a subtle, under-the radar experience with your braces – like Invisalign – which makes it possible for you to enjoy straight teeth as an adult without feeling self-conscious about it!

Over time, teeth can shift because of injury, natural growth or something that orthodontists call tongue thrust. All of these issues can cause previously straight teeth to come out of their alignment and become crooked or overcrowded. This, in turn, can cause jaw pain and difficulty with properly cleaning teeth.

Not all adult braces are needed because of sudden aging-related changes in tooth alignment, though. Some have had to deal with a crooked smile or troubled jaw line their entire lives, while others may have already braces as a kid, but their teeth shifted as they got older and even a retainer did not help to keep them in line back then.

No matter why you are getting braces, be sure you get the best type and plan best for your needs. To learn more about the options and services that we carry here at Upper Eastside Orthodontists for adult braces, contact us today!

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