In today's competitive job market, even the most minor of details can set one candidate above another. A great smile can boost your confidence and make you stand out, and almost all job interview tips emphasize the importance of this action. For the job seeker with less-than-perfect teeth, the fear of braces may prevent them from seeking treatment.

Many adults looking to improve their teeth understand that orthodontic work is necessary, but they are put off by the idea of wearing metal braces, which may seem immature-looking. For someone actively looking for a job, the question of what's worse — having crooked teeth, or looking like a teenager — looms over them.

Luckily, there are multiple discreet options for teeth straightening.

  • Clear braces – This bracketed option is similar to traditional braces, but only the metal band is visible. This is popular with people who are only getting their bottom teeth straightened.
  • Lingual braces – Also known as iBraces or invisible braces, these work just like traditional braces except that they are placed on the inside of your teeth.
  • Invisalign – With this option, you will wear custom-made plastic aligners for a short period and then replace them with new trays about every two weeks.

If you are worried about getting braces because it may negatively affect your job opportunities, think about the long-term benefits of having orthodontic appliances. Fixing your teeth shows that you care about your appearance, and although we cannot speak for every employer, you will most likely stand out in a positive way.

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