Your Child’s First Visit to an Orthodontist

Your Upper East Side Orthodontists are trained to identify bite problems, and while we many times are working on teenage and adult mouths, it actually can benefit your child to have their development guided from the beginning.

Parents are advised to take their children to the orthodontist by the age of 7 years. Dr. Jahn’Shahi, Dr. Basir, or Dr. Vaysman will evaluate your child’s teeth to see if there are any underlying problems. An early evaluation presents an opportunity for your dentist to start corrective procedures while the jaws are yet to mature so that problems such as crowded teeth and improper jaw development may be corrected during early years of growth and development.

Why Orthodontics?

Orthodontists recieve the same education as dentists, plus more. They have to attain a degree in dentistry first, followed by orthodontics education, which takes about two to three years before qualifying to be a professional orthodontist. This allows your Upper East Side Orthodontist to specialize in face and dental discrepancies and help guide jaw and tooth alignment. You do not need a special referral to go to an orthodontist.

What an orthodontist checks

They are many underlying teeth problems that parents cannot point out. That is why you should visit a professional at New York, NY orthodontist. A few of the common issues include:

  • Misaligned facial pattern
  • Grinding of the teeth
  • Crooked, crowded or covered teeth
  • Chewing or biting difficulties

The orthodontist will carefully check if the problem will need immediate treatment or further evaluation in the future.
So, it’s not to early to start. Let us help your child grow into a beautiful smile by scheduling an appointment today!

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