Your first visit

Orthodontics is an essential piece of overall health and wellness. Although not as well known as dentistry for some, orthodontics is just as important. This form of medical treatment targets the teeth, specifically their placement in terms of each individual one and the rows as a whole.

How can orthodontic treatment enhance your smile? There are many benefits to receiving orthodontic treatment. Through it, an orthodontist can:

  • Align the top and bottom rows of the teeth
  • Correct an improper bite
  • Close spaces between the teeth
  • Improve eating and speaking
  • Reduce the possibility of long term wear and tear through preventive treatment
  • Straighten teeth that are improperly aligned, causing other teeth issue to develop

Adult Orthodontic Issues

What are some of the most common issues adult patients may suffer from?

  • A deep bite, also known as an over bite. This occurs when the top row of the teeth overlaps the bottom.
  • An underbite, which is when the bottom teeth surpass the top rows.
  • Crowding of the teeth which can cause bad chewing practices, as well as improper digestion.
  • Overall misalignment of the rows.
  • Protruding front teeth.
  • Too much spacing between the teeth.

Your Initial Exam

During your first visit, an initial exam will be conducted. Any apparent issues will be noted and a preliminary diagnosis can then be made. During this time the following will also happen:

  • A decision will be made as to whether you will require orthodontic treatment. This treatment may not be carried out right away, and a timetable will most likely be created to best suit overall needs and desires.
  • An explanation will be given as to why you need treatment, and which form of treatment will be the best choice for your health and lifestyle.
  • An estimated length of treatment will be discussed, as well as what your financial options may be.

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