A dental filling helps preserve your child’s tooth following decay while preventing additional decay and possible extraction in the future.

Upper East Side Kids Dentist is pleased to offer composite resin fillings as an alternative to traditional silver amalgam. Also called tooth-colored or white fillings, a composite resin filling is made from quartz or glass.

Benefits of Composite Resin Fillings

These fillings are appropriate to treat a small or medium amount of tooth decay. They are extremely durable and not prone to breaking. Our dental team matches the shade of your child’s tooth to the filling material as closely as possible. This is helpful for patients who feel self-conscious and don’t want others to know they have had dental work performed. Ceramics are another alternative to traditional silver amalgam fillings.

Dr. Shiva will share all options with you following a diagnosis of your child’s condition.

Some parents feel concerned about the small amount of mercury present in metal fillings. Composite and ceramic fillings are free of mercury, which eliminates any concerns about mercury fillings.

What to Expect When Your Child Receives Composite Resin Fillings

Dr. Shiva first ensures your child’s comfort by providing him or her with a local anesthesia before applying the filling. This numbs the tooth receiving the filling and the area surrounding it. Our single tooth anesthesia system makes it simple to pinpoint the treated area and avoid numbing anything else.

After ensuring the anesthesia has taken effect and your child is comfortable, our pediatric dentist then removes decay from the tooth with a special dental drill. This prepares the tooth to receive the filling material. Next, she places layers of resin on the tooth and shines a curing light on it to harden the material. She finishes by polishing your child’s tooth and applying a dental sealant to prevent bacteria from invading the tooth structure again.