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Diagnostic Dental Care

At Upper East Side Kids Dentist, we take a preventive approach to dental care. That means that, as your child gets older, we monitor issues carefully, and treat them as soon as possible to prevent worsening dental problems. Finding oral health issues in the beginning stages makes them easier and less costly to treat. We use a variety of diagnostic tools to help us pinpoint the specific problem so we know exactly how to treat it.

Oral Cancer Screening

According to the American Oral Cancer Foundation, 34,000 people will be diagnosed with oral cancer this year and 8,000 will die from it. Unfortunately, children are not immune from developing this terrible disease. We complete a visual inspection, as well as use specialized dental equipment, to locate suspicious tissue.  As with any type of cancer, prompt diagnosis and immediate treatment are essential to a favorable outcome.

Detecting Dental Cavities

A visual inspection of the teeth remains the most common way to spot decay requiring a dental filling. Dr. Shiva looks for enamel that has worn away, small holes in the teeth, or obvious discoloration. Other methods she might employ are bitewing X-rays and probing the teeth with an exploratory instrument.

Diagnosis is an Essential Part of Oral Healthcare

The above represents just some of the diagnostic tools we use at Upper East Side Kids Smile to help ensure a lifetime of optimal oral health for your child. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.