Why Have A NYC Orthodontist Straighten Your Teeth?

One of the very first things other people notice about you is your smile. If you’re embarrassed about having crooked teeth, or about having teeth that are misaligned and interfere with your smile, you may find yourself hiding your smile, or looking away so others can’t see it.

Now you can stop hiding, thanks to the wide range of orthodontic options now available at Upper East Side Orthodontists!

You can have your teeth straightened, and a beautiful smile restored, in just months – all without anyone ever noticing you are using an orthodontic appliance!

Straighter Teeth Make it Easier to Chew and Speak Clearly

Misaligned teeth can lead to chewing discomfort, as well as result in extra wear and tear on some of your teeth. Speaking is another activity, which can be strongly impacted by misaligned or crooked teeth, sometimes producing a lisp in ones speech.

Fully Aligned Teeth Are Easier To Clean

Teeth that are improperly aligned in your mouth can be more difficult to keep clean. That’s because they are positioned at angles not easily reached by a toothbrush, and sometimes by flossing. Because they are in proper position, straight or straightened teeth are much easier to brush and floss, meaning a healthier mouth.

Straightened Teeth Reduce The Risk Of Gum Disease

No one ever wants to go to their dentist and hear they have gum disease. Most people will have their risk of developing gum disease dramatically reduced by having their teeth properly aligned. When you visit Dr. Vaysman, Dr. Basir, or Dr. Jahn’Shahi, each can determine whether plaque has been building up on the soft tissue of your gums, and has caused any kind of problem. When teeth are secure in their proper position, it is hard for plaque to get into the soft gum tissue and build up to the point where disease can develop, which is another big argument in favor of straight teeth!

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