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Laser Contouring

Laser contouring, aka gum contouring and laser gum reshaping, is a popular cosmetic enhancement offered at Upper Eastside Orthodontists. Some of our patients complain about a “gummy smile,” a result of excess gum tissue. Through laser contouring, we can improve smile symmetry and expose more of your healthy teeth.

Is Laser Contouring right for you? Find out below!

Do you have uneven gums? If so, you could be an excellent candidate for laser contouring. Our expert Orthodontists will reshape your gumline to give your smile more balance.

If your gums cover up too much of your teeth, you may also want to consider laser contouring. This procedure will help lengthen the teeth by reducing the amount of gum exposed when you smile.

Laser contouring can even be used to treat small teeth. Sometimes excess gum tissue can make teeth look too small or badly proportioned. Uncovering more of the tooth can help it look properly sized.

We all know that a beautiful smile is more than just straight teeth. Sometimes we have gum tissue covering the teeth that will make even well aligned teeth look short and unaesthetic. In the past we would have to refer to another specialist for an inconvenient and costly procedure. We now have a safe and painless way to gently remove the tissue from the tooth using a laser and only a little topical anesthetic.

The technology that is available to us today makes treating our patients much more efficient, and this leads to better care If your braces came of a week or few years ago, we can still improve your smile.

How can I schedule an appointment?

Scheduling an appointment at Upper Eastside Orthodontists has never been easier. To learn more about Laser Contouring and how you can benefit from such treatment, call 12123600835. You can also make an appointment online by clicking here.

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